The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My day job entails reading, writing, and thinking about art. And it was in the name of art that I first became involved with a mysterious and disturbing local murder, a cold case homicide unsolved for over 40 years (the 43rd anniversary of the slaying will be this June, 2020).

My story begins in the summer of 2016 when my studio neighbor, an independent filmmaker, was considering exploring a lurid yet long-forgotten murder for her next film project. In 1977, the nude, disemboweled body of a 20-year-old Lower Bucks girl had been discovered on Buckingham Mountain and stunned the small community that lived there.

My friend’s family were long-time residents of the mountain, she was a teenager at the time, and she never forgot the shocking discovery. She discussed the project with me and I expressed interest in researching alternative theories for the long-gone-cold case.

I’m as lazy as the next person. And, although I have always been interested in true crime and aberrant behavior, I did not anticipate how much I would become enthralled with this strange case. So, when my filmmaker friend put her project on hold, I had learned enough to feel compelled to continue this work. I really had no choice.

My blog will retrace the steps I took and will recount the events I encountered as I moved forward with my research. First and foremost will be new information and news about my original cold case and other possibly associated local slayings, informed by my growing interest in the “armchair detective” movement and the work of devoted amateur sleuths across the globe. I will include resources I have consulted that have helped me attempt to make sense of the unimaginable and might be of interest to others pursuing similar work.

Art and murder have inevitably come together in my thought and this union may seem strange to some, but I believe this intersection has helped clarify my reasoning and, therefore, will also be a part of this blog.

I am a newbie at cold-case research and welcome any and all queries, comments, or tips that help with my research quest.


I did not anticipate how much I would become enthralled with this strange case.